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Below the Clouds DVD Has Arrived

by Crest Pictures

Posted on December 15, 2006

At last ... the Below the Clouds DVD with 38 minutes of bonus features is here and available for sale. Go to our store to buy your copy. The film is a tribute to Rainier - The Mountain.

Below the Clouds DVD in post-production

by Crest Pictures

Posted on December 3, 2006

Below the Clouds DVD is in post-production and should be available on Dec 15. We'll be taking orders soon. Contact us by email for information on how to still order in time for the holidays.

Below the Clouds gets glowing review

by Crest Pictures

Posted on November 9, 2006

Below the Clouds gets glowing review from the press - Tacoma's News Tribune Outdoor Editor Jeffery Mayor gives Below the Clouds a thumb's up. "If you love Mount Rainier, a new film by Robert Chrestensen just might explain that passion." Read More

Fall Premiere on Public TV

by Crest Pictures

Posted on September 15, 2006

Crest Pictures announces its latest filmBelow the Clouds / Rainier Impressions to be aired by Seattle's KCTS Television during the third season of its award-winning program About Us - a series showcasing the work of Washington and British Columbia independent filmmakers. Mark your calendar for Nov 16 at 10 pm.


by Crest Pictures

Posted on September 9, 2006

Crest Pictures launches a Web site for its newest film Below the Clouds / Rainier Impressions. Visitors to the site will not only find the story behind this unique nature film featuring Mt Rainier, but also a film preview, photos, news and more. Sign up for the e-newsletter and keep informed about free film presentations, any press buzz, festival screenings and awards, and when and where the video will be available on DVD.


by Crest Pictures

Posted on July 15, 2006

Watch for the debut of Crest Pictures' feature film Below the Clouds / Rainier Impressions by filmmaker Robert Chrestensen. Follow in the footsteps of the filmmaker. This is an intimate portrait of a truly unique mountain environment painted with stunning imagery and an inspiring original score by Northwest talent Annastasia Workman. Four years of filming brings this extraordinary vision of Mount Rainier to life.

Film Showing

by Crest Pictures

Posted on June 26, 2006

Check out the exhibits at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture - currently a Chrestensen short, Wanderings, screened at the 2006 Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival, is being shown as a video loop in the bio-diversity space of their "Life and Times of Washington State" exhibit. This coincides with the international tour of the "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" exhibit running through Sept 4. Filmed in Washington's legendary Enchantment Lakes, this nature film portrays the essence of a fragile wilderness with beautiful images, a captivating soundtrack by acclaimed Northwest artist Hanz Araki, and lyrical words that send a heartfelt message for preservation.